Serene Meadows Resort

Creating a Visual Brand Identity and marketing campaigns for a boutique resort.



To establish a successful visual brand system for Serene Meadows Resort and promote it.

To increase sales by generating traffic to the website and establishing a strong brand presence in social media.

My Responsibility

As an Product Designer, my role is to understand the pain points of guests and frame a product strategy by creating a visual brand system.

Jumpstarting Research:

Understanding User Needs

Did thorough research on competitor’s reviews and ratings to understand the pain points of the guest staying in the resort.



Defining Brand Vision and Strategy.

From the user interviews and ratings I have articulated and defined a brand vision and strategy.

"A boutique resort to provide utmost privacy to the guest with a clean and serene environment at an affordable package."

Mind Mapping for Brand Name

Once we have formulated our product vision, it’s time to choose the right name for our resort. Many ideas we had brainstormed and after thorough analysis and checking in the DNS directory. We ended with “serene meadows Resort,” which represents our brand attributes.



“Serene Meadows Resort”

Peace, Privacy, Fun are the three important brand attributes.

Ideating Logos

Based on brand attributes, we started to come with multiple logo concepts. The main purpose is that the logo should be viable for different applications, from signboard, print media to social media wherever there is a necessity for branding.




Building a WordPress Website

Having a WordPress website is easy to manage and update content on the go. The maintenance of a WordPress site is cheaper compared to a coded from scratch site. Being a Web designer myself, it was easy to layout the site’s overall flow and built Responsive UI Components for mobile, web and tablet.



Digital Marketing

Initially created a business profile on Google My Business and Created social media posters for special events, campaigns, and promotional offers based on brand consistency.


Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 6.40.40 PM

Success Metrics

2 years of constant effort and hard work, Now our resort is well established in the city served over 3500 guests, Having 140+ five-star ratings and reviews in the google business.


View Live Website :