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1.Serene Meadows Resort

Client: Serene Meadows Resort (Boutique Resort)

Objective: Conceptualize and Design Corporate Identity.

Challenge: Design a minimalistic modern logo using an orange color palette, functional and easy to identify in various digital and print media.

Brainstorming Ideas:

I did a mind mapping related to the adjectives representing the resort, as the name suggests, ‘ Serene Meadows’ meaning ‘peace in the valley.’ I want to design a monogram that depicts the brand’s meaning.

So I took a reference image of a swan, heart, hills and combined it to make a monogram representing the initials(S.M.R) of serene meadows resort.


Client: Placeprep(Learning Portal).

Objective: Design a logo concept for an online learning portal.

Challenge: Design a minimalistic modern logo that should be vibrant and represent the brand’s core values.

Brainstorming Ideas:

Initially, I created a mindmap based on the brand’s value: interview preparation, placement opportunities, and online learning. I sketched two monograms based on the mindmap one is with a graduation hat, and another one is with a tie.

1.Panthers Football Community

Client: Panthers FC (Football Community)

Objective: Conceptualize and Design Team Emblem and Jersey.

Challenge: Design an energetic, vibrant logo that shows the pride of the football community.

Brainstorming Ideas:

My initial concept is to sketch a roaring panther at the center to show the pride & passion of the club. Then, having an outer shield will enhance the overall feel of the logo.

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