Build an easy to access and secure content management system to create, update and delete real estate properties.

Problem Statement

Build a web application for InvestoXpert that allows users to buy, sell and rent properties while giving them a seamless experience on mobile as well as desktop.

To make investoxpert leading Real estate listing portal by having flawless user experience for both brokers and customers.

My Responsibility

As a Ux Designer my role is to identify potential problems, conduct user interviews, Competitor analysis, Wireframing, Prototyping, Building UI Components, Usability Testing.

Project Duration:

June 2020 to Sep 2020.

Jumpstarting Research:

Identifying Usability Issues in the Existing UI.

After going through the existing website, I wanted to Do a General Heuristic Usability Test based on Nielsen Principles to understand why there is a high bounce ratio for Core Pages.

 User Interviews

I conducted interviews with potential buyers to know more about the deciding factors for purchasing a plot or property through online .It gave me new opportunities to research on. With more time, I would have preferred to reach a wider range of demographics, but due to time constraints, my sample size was more limited.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying the Key competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses helped me to understand industrial conventions of real estate Portal.


Brainstorming & Sketching

I had compiled and concluded simple sketches, layouts, features and ideas based on my initial User research I have done. The Ideas were directly presented to the CEO about different solutions and problems on the approach of revamping the User Interface. Due to covid Brainstorming sessions were conducted in Google meet and it was quite challenging.


Information Architecture

From User Research analysis I have organized information based on user flow we got through brainstorming. It is the basic architecture for the application that helps users to navigate through.




I created 100+ semi low fidelity wireframes compiling all the ideas and solutions discussed during the brainstorming session. Then these wireframes were presented to the development team via google meet to check the technical feasibility of the features.

Building UI Components Based on Brand Identity

Design consistency plays a vital role in the overall user experience of the product. I ensured all the brand assets- Typography, Icons, Colors, Grid system are based on web accessibility principles.

Final Revamped UI 

Meeting all the brand and web accesblity guidelines the final interface was designed across different devices. Ensuring Overall User Experience is Enhanced.

What I’ve Learned throughout the design process?

1.Having a Effective strategy & Timeline to meet the deadlines..

2.Responsive design based on web guidelines.

3.Conducting user research via online was quite challenging.